Representation to Government

Letter to The Secretary to Govt.

The Secretary to Govt.
For kind personal attention

Respected Sir,

The Govt of Tamilnadu in their order No. 555 P & AR (N) dt.26-11-2007,  have instructed that all the Govt departments and autonomous bodies should observe anti corruption week from  12th  to 16th of November every year and also take the oath as prescribed. A copy of the attached for ready reference.

As an organization fighting against corruption for the past 10 years, we appreciate this initiative of the Govt. and are anxious that all the departments and employees strictly follow and fulfill  the intention of the Govt. and arrange for elaborate observance of the ‘ANTICORRUPTION WEEK’ with the participation of the public. Representatives from registered Associations like ours would be only too willing to associate in any way with the celebrations as deemed necessary and fit by your goodself. It will be appropriate to prepare and paste stickers in Tamil reading “LANJAM THAVIR : NENJAM NIMIR”  in all Govt premises and transport vehicles.

We request that necessary urgent instructions to all under your control may be issued immediately.

We shall be grateful for a line in reply.

With kind regards


General Secretary
Anticorruption Movement