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The 'Anti Corruption Movement' is a Non-Government Organization registered under the Societies Act. 

It was started on the 20th of January 2001, by a group of conscientious retired government officials under the guidence and leadership of Er.C.S.Kuppu Raj, a former Chief Engineer of Tamilnadu State Public Works Department.  In the past 11 years it has been functioning effectively taking steps to create awareness among the public, youth and students against the evil of corruption highlighting as to how corruption erodes into the morality and economy of the country, and how every common man is subjected to harassment at the hands of the unscrupulous government officials who are employed to serve the public and paid from the tax payers' money. 

The Movement has readily gone to the help of the people who stubbornly refuse to grease palms, come what may, and approach the organization for assistance.  There have been instances where the Movement has helped the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti corruption to lay traps and apprehend bribe takers. 

The Movement has ten District Units and fortyfive Branch Units spread all over Tamilnadu. 

It is now about 6000 members strong and as many student members.